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The Most Trusted Residential Property Selling Agent in Perth

With years of experience and some of the most skilled, qualified, caring and knowledgeable real estate agents, Ando Realestate is one of the most promising real estate agents to put money on, if you are looking forward to selling your property in Perth. Our real estate selling agents in Perth will consider your property, its face value, your aspiration as well the market dynamics to set a realistic value that will put you as well as the buyer in a win-win situation. Besides, our real estate agents will showcase your property in all possible ways to get healthy potential customers willing to meet your aspirations.

Why should you hire us to put your property up for sale in Perth?

The real estate market fluctuates constantly. Thus, it is imperative that you conduct a thorough research on when it is best to dispose of your property you are aspiring to sell and get maximum price. This is where our real estate agents in Perth make a difference. Our experts will do all the research on behalf of you and compare your property with that of similar ones in your market area and find how your property fares and where you stand in the real estate market in Perth. They will showcase your property and advertise it in a proper way, thereby helping you to get the best price. Thus you see, when you put stakes on us, we will help you get the best price for your property. In terms of competence and skills, expertise and professionalism, we are the agents you look up to, for putting the best residential properties for sale in Perth.

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What is the best time to put my house on sale?
Essentially, the best time to put your house for sale is when no one else is selling. The real estate market, like other markets, is run by supply & demand. The prices go up when the demand is high and come down with the lowering of demand. Thus, if you have plans to sell, try to do so, when there are not many properties up for sale around. That means, the demand is high and it will push the price of your property up.
Do I Need to renovate my house before putting it up for sale?
Well, that depends upon you and the condition of your property. If your property has grown old or outdated and if you think it will not fetch you your desired price, then upgrading the property and renovating it will be a smart move. However, we would recommend you to have your home renovated and repainted, and inspected as that will give you the best price.
What will be the best move- To sell the property vacated or occupied?
Vacant properties look sterile and cold. In most of the cases homes look much better when they are furnished, and naturally they carry more price than the vacant properties. Hence, we would recommend you opt for occupied properties as that will fetch you better price.The final decision, however rests on you as you may have sentiments attached with certain furniture and fittings and may prefer moving to a new home with them.
How much should I be prepared to pay for advertising?
Well, that entirely is your discretion. However, the price will depend upon the dimension of your home, its layout and the area the property is located in. And there is a thumb-rule that you should invest 1% of the total valuation of your property for advertising it, once you put it up for sale.
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With a diverse background, skills derived from multiple renovation/s, developments and personal Perth Real Estate transactions Memet has amazing firsthand experience with all things Real Estate.

Couple with over a decade of field experience in residential sales “Mem’s” experience’s really set him apart from his competitors. With an open ear, professional approach, and genuine focus on obtaining optimal results Memet’s experiences do translate to a Great Customer experiences with his clients. Who are often raving fans!

Memet’s clients are his number one priority. He ensure’ s his clients have the confidence and resources to make informed decisions to achieve their goals.
He’s a community driven person who takes pride in giving back to the community. Serving as a Board Member of couple non-profit community organisations,
which helps high-risk, disadvantaged immigrants become successful Australians.

Outside of real estate, Memet loves to spend his days in his vegetable patch and usually enjoys the simple things with family, friends plus the beloved pet animals. Who are rather spoilt with lots of walks and treats!

Memet is an intelligent, genuine, honest person with a high level of emotionally intelligence. For a wonderful overall experience when selling your property, feel free to contact him at any time.

Highly enthusiastic and motivated, Aman Sandhu has a genuine passion for property and people. He is a bright and energetic professional with a great ability to make clients feel at ease during what can sometimes be a challenging situation. Relishing the opportunity to be part of the ANDO Real Estate Welshpool team and working alongside some of the best in the business, Aman is eager to absorb as much about the industry as he can and is excited to be part of such a dynamic group of people. His background as a law enforcement officer gives him a great sense of discipline, and he brings vast experience in customer service that gives him excellent interpersonal skills and a great ability to negotiate.

Aman has been living in Perth for the last 13 years. He has also lived & gained experience working in the Real Estate industry in Melbourne from where he realised that his career passion is simple, real estate is his niche. He Has a broad knowledge about the local Perth suburbs and thrives in a fast-paced, results-driven environment, this has helped him accumulate a big local network of clients and referrals. Aman is approachable with a jovial demeanour indicating his love for his work. Armed with the local market knowledge and a huge network system with effective researching, and skilled to handle crises with a sense of responsibility is Aman’s strength in his client’s interaction. Honouring commitment, dedication, practicality and high standards in most aspects of his working life.

His approach to customer service is energising and an exciting part of his role, the way he communicates and treats customers is reflected in the way they treat him, with utter respect and long-term loyalty. He stands out from other agents in the pure fact that he provides an exceptional experience, displaying care at all times, efficiency and professional conduct.

He is a natural comic, his humour allows him to stand out from the rest that has a positive effect on building trust with the clients. He creates a positive influence on customer perception of his reliability and genuine concern about customer welfare with committed integrity. Aman will go to extremes to win challenges for his clients in order to provide the best advice and support.

Aman is the most polite, strong-willed and completely unpretentious in his dealings with customers, his goal is to make his clients feel special, safe and ensure they fulfil their house requirements. Great communicator, oozing confidence at all times, polished and responsible and dedicated to his clients search to find the solution to problems even in the most difficult of situations.

While he is an incisive strategic thinker and excellent negotiator, Aman prides himself on open and honest client relationships. A testament to the outstanding results he consistently achieves along with the rapport Aman builds with clients is the high level of repeat business and referrals he receives. Aman delivers the service standards other agents only talk about.

Innovative and forward-thinking, Aman is an expert in this field, and therefore his unrivalled source of knowledge and advice you can be assured of a high standard of service and dedication. If you are after in-depth and insightful experience and assurance that no opportunity is ever missed in the process then you are in luck, Aman is just a phone call away.

Originally from China, Tao is fluent in Mandarin. Having spent seven years in Australia, she has honed her skills in being an excellent bilingual and cross-cultural communicator in English.

Tao’s background began in Admin/Office support of the Legal Service Industry. Over fifteen years, she has learnt how to fulfil customers' needs and preferences. She knows how to create value. She is committed to creating exceptional experiences exceeding expectations for her clients.

Tao comes from an education background of Community Service IV and Business III. With impeccable organisation skills, she enjoys working under pressure. To her, a sales rep is more than a job, it is building relationships with people.

Tao always strives to work with ultimate efficiency and strives to foster win-win opportunities. She will always make sure everything is completed to her client’s satisfaction and will never give up until the job is done.

Rudy was born in Indonesia, has been living permanently in Australia for 21 years. Prior to working in real estate Rudy was a salesman at Mitsubishi, Toyota and Mazda with outstanding customer service and high standard in details. Till today Rudy still receive lots of referrals from his previous customers who need his expertise in selling or buying advice.
So whether you are thinking about selling, buying or renting properties, Rudy can give you service second to none.

Born and raised in Nepal, Praj has been calling Perth home from the last 7 years. He comes from an Engineering and IT background, however, his natural skills of connecting with people made him realise he will enjoy working in the real estate industry. Ready for the new challenge, Praj received his Real estate license in 2021 and joined our team immediately.

Praj values customer service and intuitively knows what type of property his client is looking for. He is friendly in nature and a good listener who is committed to listening to his client’s needs and deliver excellent customer service. Praj is dedicated to assist his clients to navigate the often-challenging waters of the home buying and selling process, with the end result only being a wonderful experience.

When he is not busy helping clients, Praj enjoys spending time with his family and friends and playing his guitar.

Lydia is an enthusiastic, passionate and multi-talented real estate professional. Having been brought up in Perth then lived, studied and worked in Melbourne and Beijing, she has a broad array of international business expertise that she uses to the benefit of her diverse clientele. Her commitment to achieving top dollar for her valued clients is brought about by her excellent out of the box marketing and communication strategies. She has been the top listing sales rookie at Ando Real Estate and always aims to provide the best value and service to her clients.

“I will listen to your needs and create a marketing strategy that will surely get you the best possible price for the shortest amount of time’

Kasma was born in Indonesia, has been living permanently in Australia for 23 years. Prior to working in real estate Kasma was a principal and manager of a refractory fabricator in Indonesia employing over 400 people supplying and installing refractory material to the construction industry globally. Her network business across countries such as USA, United Kingdom and South East Asia. Kasma has spent more than 25 years working in sales and she is focused on getting the best results possible for her clients. She has worked on the Perth real estate market over 10 years in residential and commercial property.

Jenny Zhao is a well known real estate industry professional with over 10 years’ experience, especially in the Chinese community. Her passion and extensive knowledge in the property market, is an asset to all her clients. Whether buying, developing, renovating or selling, she is able and willing to provide assistance in all areas!

Jenny understands that it is vital to get to know each of her clients’ needs and goals before tailoring specific marketing strategies to ensure that their goals are met. During her real estate career, Jenny has also been involved in subdivision, renovation and development projects. Her experiences in those fields will benefit her clients, should any of them need that extra assistance.

Jenny and her husband moved to Sorrento about 2.5 years ago. They both loved the coastal life style and decided to make Sorrento their forever home. It has been very difficult for Jenny to leave the place where she has built her name as a reputable and credible agent and leaving many loyal customers behind. However, Jenny understands that life is about moving forward, and she is very excited to focus her time, energy and experience now in her new home which is in Sorrento and nearby suburbs like North Beach, Marmion, Trigg and Hillary’s.

Jenny is determined to help many families in the Northern Coastal areas to achieve their real estate goals and will always have one focus in mind which is to achieve the best result possible for each and everyone of her clients, just like she did before in the last 10 yeas in the Southern Suburbs!

Angela is the Principal / Licensed Auctioneer and Director of Ando Real Estate. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Angela provides one-stop consultant to investors with CPA accountant and mortgage broker background. Other than that, Angela always actively sending new properties to own large buyer database from 12 years’ experience. Therefore, Angela sold many properties within one week time or even within one day. Angela also has strong referral channels in some overseas countries which helps her selling properties to buyers from overseas, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea….

Angela stepped up on the Perth real estate stage when she established ANDO Real Estate. Her passion for real estate was fostered early in her career as a Mortgage broker before going on to develop ANDO as it is today. Angela is actively involved in the day-to-day mentoring of her talented team with different cultural backgrounds, offering guidance and support which has helped propel the careers of those around her to new heights. Many have achieved their goals because of Angela’s ongoing commitment to ANDO and the broader real estate profession.

Having established this successful ANDO real estate, Angela is the epitome of focus and hard work. She brings a tailored approach to all the homes and families she represents. Bursting with positivity and enthusiasm she is the perfect guide to take any client through the sales process. The clients of Angela always review that she is reliable, professional, honest and friendly. Selling a property with Angela is enjoyable and exciting.