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How Do Real Estate Agents Find Rental and New Properties?

Searching for a new property or one that has been listed for rent can be tedious. But if you have the best real estate agents with you, all of this can be simplified since they will work on your behalf. Now, if you are wondering how the agents find the best properties so quickly, this is the discussion that you should follow. Also, keep in mind that the agents can get you a rental property as well as a new one that you want to buy in Perth.

We will now delve into the main points where we will specifically take a look at the ways real estate agents search for and find the necessary properties.

Taking Overall Client Needs into Account

This is always the first thing that your real estate agent will do when it comes to finding a property for sale in Perth. They will need to assess your requirements and then come up with a list. They will need to make sure that the properties meet your criteria. Otherwise, it might hurt their reputation. In fact, they take this point into account not only for new properties but also for the ones where you want to move as a tenant. So, as a buyer or a tenant, specify your requirements so that the real estate agents can provide you with what you are looking for.


Among the requirements that you have specified already, real estate agents will take the location of properties as a criterion into account. They will do so since the cost of the property as well as the rent depends a lot on the location. They will look for properties one by one in your designated place and will only come up with the ones that meet your criteria.

Taking the Cost of the Property into Account

If you are looking for residential properties for sale in Perth, the real estate agents will take the cost of the same into account so that they can find the one that you are looking for. They will only select properties that you can afford, and try not to go beyond or below it. In this regard, you need to know that if you are looking for rental properties, they will take the rent amount into consideration. They will discuss this point with the landlords and come up with properties where you can move in easily.

Performing Background Checks

The next very important thing that agents do while finding the best rental or new property for you is performing a background check. They will gather information about the site and see whether the construction has been neatly done. Also, they will avoid those properties that are in dispute.

Tenancy Agreements

Finally, to find the best real estate property rentals in Perth, real estate agents will take a look at the tenancy agreement and note down the clauses. They will brief you on the same and will also negotiate with the landlord regarding these on your behalf.

These are basically the five steps that professionals find the right properties for sale as well as those listed for rent. To connect with us and discuss your property requirements, call 08 6102 0801 or fill out the online form on the Contact page.