Real Estate Agent

What Are The Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents?

If you are thinking that the role of the real estate agent is just to help you in finding the property and close the deal after getting their commission then that is not so. You are not the only one who has this kind of opinion or view. Many people think like this. But in reality that is not so. Though the real estate agents indeed help in buying and selling the properties, there are many other kinds of residential property management services in Perth that they offer. Hence you need to have the best idea about their main responsibilities and job role.

Duty of Professional Real Estate Agent


  • Buying/Selling Property

Real estate brokers are involved in the process of buying and selling properties. They make sure that they have the best idea and information about the real estate that is on sale so that they can help their customers without wasting time.

  • Finding New Tenants

The real estate brokers in Perth also help their customers in finding new tenants for the property that they want to give on lease or rent.

  • Marketing

To attract customers who are looking to buy or rent a property, the real estate agents in Perth do make their best efforts. From advertising, and promoting to marketing they use the best platforms and apply the most effective strategies to provide exceptional service to their clients.

  • Screening of Tenants

Once they are successful in finding the tenants, they do their screening. This helps them to find out that the tenants are reliable and trustworthy and they won’t create any kind of problem for the landlord. They even check and verify their documents to ensure that everything is good to go.

  • Collecting Rents

The agents make sure that property owners don’t have to run after the tenants to collect the rent. Hence the property brokers in Perth make sure that the rent is deposited to the owner’s account on the right date.

  • Handling Complaints

Professional real estate agents in Perth also act as a mediator between landlords and tenants and try to settle the matter easily. From listening to both parties, and handling complaints to providing them with the best solution, they do everything.

Apart from this the other kind of duties that the real estate agents near Perth perform are maintaining and securing the property, keeping the landlords up to date with everything, and much more. So if you need any information about the residential property for sale in Perth then you should connect with the expert real estate agent of a renowned company.

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